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 If anyone is around and still wants to keep updated on my life, don't be afraid to add me on my new name. I've been gone from LJ for about 2 years now but would like to start updating again as I've made TONS of amazing friends from this lovely site. Add me!


Hey guys. I haven't posted in awhile. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. but I'm starting fresh.
If you want my new livejournal, comment me and I'll add you/comment you.
I only want people that want me added, added to mine.
I've had a few of you tell me to come back. So here, I am. I'll try and be as less depressing as possible ha.

Aug. 12th, 2008

I'm pissed off. I just moved 500 miles for nothing.

The lady who wanted me to nanny for her totally just bailed on me saying she doesn't need me at all anymore. However her friend wants to offer me 250 a wk for 4 days of care but that doesn't include gas and shes 40 miles each way. I can't afford that with the way gas is.

I dont know what the fuck I am going to do. This is bullshit
So we're in reno. And Megan and I are loving it besides being jerked around by the nanny family who promised me the job but whatever its safe to say that I'm just going to have to look for another job. Fucking RENO FLAKES.

I got a bunnie yesterday after wanting one for 2 years, and he's hopping around on the floor right now being cute!


Our whole life is packed up in boxes right now, we got all of our packing done this weekend except our little stuff in the bathroom that we will pack up the day before because not brushing my teeth until then would be no bueno! lol. I'm honestly nervous because this move makes us out on our own. Mmmmmm independence. We were walking into our room last night and Megan was like "Babe...were MOVING.. do you realize that you are the first girl to even get me to consider to move out, let alone MOVE out?! I must be crazy about you"

She is. And I'm crazy about her. She's the only girl I never see myself getting bored with. I swear. We can work through anything, everyone might say we bicker a lot but we're proving them wrong. We don't even see it as bickering, we see it as aggressive conversation and half the time were laughing. We just have our ways.

It was pretty cute, the other day while we were packing up Megan had this really dusty box and told me to turn around and she wrote "Will you marry me?" on it.

As soon as we get to Reno, I'm getting my license, it's been too long without me getting it. And Megan KNOWS I can drive lol. She always tries to get me to, but without a license, I'm too scared.

BTW to update on the Disneyland situation, they terminated both of us. Because they are pieces of SHIT. but we all knew THAT was going to happen. They also made it so that we couldn't ever get rehired with them again or any companies that they might own. (they own a hell of a lot of shit) Reguardless of whether we turned in our shit or not, and they told Megan that if we did turn in our shit, like our costumes, ids, etc.. they'd let it all go. OBVIOUSLY NOT!


I wish I could live in San Clemente, it's so pretty there.

We leave to move to Reno in a week, did I even mention we were moving? Yeah. It's pretty scary, we're going out on our own but its sooo cheap there. And I really need to get there to start my nanny job asap. We haven't even started packing yet. We need moving boxes!

Megan kept me up ALL night coughing and I get her a cough drop at 9:45 this morning and she SWORE it wasn't going to help. Part of the reason I put off getting it for so long. Guess what? She's out like a light right now. And NOT coughing. Errrrggghh. I've been giving her cough syrups, zicam AND an antibiotic and nothing has helped her cough except this damn cough drop. Go figure. She keeps saying I'm acting like her mother, but noooo I'm just a girlfriend looking out for her boo. Noone deserves to be sick, it's gross.

Oh hey California, no more earthquakes please.


oh goooddddddd! I DIDNT LIKE IT.
I'm shaking.

Today was very eventful.

I'm sooo tired, we did so much today. Megans cousin Elise is here and her other cousin Eric came down this afternoon so we all went to the beach today, it was so nice! Jacob Elise and I all were out in the ocean for the longest time jumping waves, I haven't done that since I was younger dude..it feels good just to relax. :)

In other news, I've been wanting a hairless cat so badly. SO CUTE.

Awwww little presh!

My dog actually says I love you!

You're going to die over how cute she is.


Jul. 21st, 2008

On a side note, I'm completely addicted to second life again.
Anyone want to play? Or DO YOU play?

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